Injury Ends Campaign in Iowa

Running for Congress is a venture that often costs its candidates everything they have and more. Perhaps our version of American politics will always be a rich man’s game, but history continues to be written by the underdogs who came to their races with nothing and walked away with more than half the ballots in their favor. Unfortunately, for Mike McRae of Iowa, his West Des Moines campaign had to be suspended this week as a result of an injury he sustained with his family in North Carolina.

McCrae was hoping to offer ‘better representation’ for the 42nd District seat in the Iowa House. He recently graduated from Drake Law School and was close to facing off against Peter Cownie, a two term congressman from the same community. Without McCrae in the race, Cownie will be running unopposed in the general election come November.

Specifics about the McCrae accident have not been made public, but the results are shocking and peculiar. Apparently, he was unconscious for nearly five minutes, ultimately injuring his neck, ribs, and right leg. The secrecy of the accident is unusual, considering the severity of his condition, but McCrae ended his campaign with the evidence of a difficult decision.

“I am not making this decision lightly. I am committed to the belief that District 42 deserves better representation. It is unfortunate that I have to suspend my campaign at this time, but I need to focus on recovering.”

Indeed he should. Whether or not McCrae would have been the right or wrong choice for Iowa, American politics will, as always, go on and on regardless of how many candidates fall to the curb.

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