Jackson to Play through Hip Injury

When Steven Jackson joined the Rams in 2004, St. Louis had already lost a little swagger from their days as the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’. And when it came to running backs, no one was more beloved than Marshall Faulk. Jackson was passed on by several teams in the 2004 Draft, many citing that he had ended his last year at Oregon State with a nagging knee injury. He wasn’t worth the risk to most. St. Louis took the gamble and he paid off with multiple record breaking seasons and Pro Bowl appearances.

But even with that in mind, the Rams have had an abysmal collection of bad seasons, only recently finding their way back into competitive football with the addition of Sam Bradford at quarterback. Yet just when they were starting to get their footing back, Jackson is said to be playing through a hip injury before the season has even gotten under way.

When asked about the hip on Wednesday, he called it ‘trivial’ and claimed the trainers were only being cautious. But this hasn’t diminished speculation. Playing through a hip injury can often be like typing through carpal tunnel. A minor injury can still turn ugly if a player doesn’t allow time for healing. Jackson says that he’s more focused on learning the playbook from offensive guru and new coach Josh McDaniels. “We’re all fairly new to it so you just want to make sure you’re executing the plays and doing the things coach McDaniels wants,” said Jackson. Let’s just hope for his sake (and all fans of St. Louis) that a man whose job involves quite a bit of hip twisting can actually execute those plays when it counts. The new season is just a few weeks away.

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