Jason Derulo Gets an “Eye Opener”

Jason Derulo first exploded on the Pop R&B scene as a singer/songwriter in May of 2009 with song after song pulsing the feet of almost every dance floor. From ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ to ‘Whatcha Say’, the hits are primed to keep coming. But after the events of January 6, 2012, Derulo has had to cancel his entire Future History tour and rethink his, well, future history.

While rehearsing for the tour, Derulo broke one of his vertebrae, causing an immediate fear of paralysis. Fortunately the star has overcome the potential of any long term risks, but he’ll have to be incredibly careful to avoid those Usher-type dance routines for a little while. While recovering over the last several weeks, Derulo has managed to take up piano and start writing some softer songs that don’t require any fast movement. For an artist such as he is, slowing it down will always be a challenge, but fans will be anxious to see a more romantic side of his music. Rumor has it that he and Jordin Sparks, American Idol’s Season Six winner, have been secretly dating for quite some time. Apparently, she pampers the musician with breakfast in bed. He has called the accident an ‘eye opener’ and vows to come back stronger.

Considering that Derulo’s injury might have ended up in a more serious, life-altering situation, perhaps the singer should take some time to croon his fans (or Sparks alone) with the lyrics of his most recent hit:

I’m still alive, hope there’s a reason
Can’t move my lips, but my heart is screamin’
I only miss you when I’m breathin’
I only miss you when I’m breathin’
Without your love, don’t know how I survive
It’s you, it’s you just keepin’ me alive
I only miss you when I’m breathin’

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