John Carlson Against the Frozen Turf

Carlson’s head hit the frozen turf in Chicago”Carlsons head hit the frozen turf in Chicago

Some would have said it was inevitable that the Seattle Seahawks were going to lose on Sunday.  If not against Chicago, then against Green Bay.  The gods of football had not anointed a team with a losing record to go on and win any championship.  Not this year at least.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t give Coach Pete Carroll and Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck credit for trying.  Unfortunately, in a game that they were destined to lose, they not only ended their improbable run, but they managed to see two of their notable players get carted off the field.  Not just walked off the field, but carted.

John Carlson earned a first down and received a legal hit toward the sideline, but was flipped head first into the frozen turf.  ESPN had reported earlier in the day that when workers removed the blue tarp from the field, shards of ice were spilling out onto the ground.  The area they did not focus on cleaning up was the painted sideline.  And as you might think, the sideline was the coldest and hardest ground a head could land on.

After nearly ten minutes of delay, a cart came out to remove Carlson from the field, but that wasn’t the end of it for Seattle.  Safety Marcus Trufant went down in the middle of the third quarter when Chicago’s tight end Kellen Davis hit him in the head with a knee while being tackled.  Enter: Cart #2.  Trufant was driven off the field with yet another head injury to stack up for the Seahawks.

Word is that both men are not critically injured, which is good news for Seattle, even though they fly home without a win.  Head injuries are not necessarily common in the NFL, but they do happen.  And they can be pretty scary.  The Brace Shop has your ‘back’ for all head injuries that need a remedy.

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