Josh Smith Hip Injury

Josh Smith Hip Injury

Josh Smith Hip Injury

The leading scorer of the Atlanta Hawks, Josh Smith, has a strained right hip flexor which will force him to sit out tomorrow game against the Indiana Pacers. Josh Smith has had a good start to this season injury wise, before this hip injury of course.
Josh Smith Hip Injury has come at a bad time for the Atlanta Hawks who are currently the third seed in the Eastern Conference. Basketball players and players of other sports are injured very often because of the high contact that is part of the game. Hip injuries can be very painful because they affect the walking motion.

A hip flexor strain is an injury caused by tearing of one or more of the hip flexor muscles in front of the hip or groin.

The muscles at the front of the hip are called the hip flexors. The most commonly involved muscle in a hip flexor injury is the iliopsoas muscle. The iliopsoas muscle originates from the lower part of the lumbar spine and pelvis and inserts into the  femur. These hip flexor muscles bend the leg or flex the leg towards your chest.  It is very common in certain sports like basketball, and also baseball (catchersquatting).

Hip flexor injuries like Josh Smith’s can be divided into 3 levels based on the amount of tearing that occurs to the flexors. Grade I is the mildest while a Grade III involves tearing of all muscles and a loss of flexor function. Your doctor can determine the level of injury and the treatment options you have.  A hip brace is used in many cases to control hip flexion during the healing stages and control range of motion.

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