King James Earns Authority, D-Wade Bows to His Knee

An NBA Championship for LeBron James and the Miami Heat should almost be like a Super Bowl Title for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. At some point, you know they have to win. James in particular. They’re all just that good. Something in the world wouldn’t seem right if the now divinely athletic King James didn’t get the chance to hoist his trophy. But here’s the deal. James didn’t win alone. He had the help of friend and teammate Dwayne Wade (who, we might add, already earned a title with the Heat in 2006).

Despite all the hype surrounding James, D-Wade (as they call him) came out of the same rookie class of 2003, having amassed a much more successful resume. Not only that, but the Flash (another nickname) represents more than the game of basketball. His philanthropic services include the Wade’s World Foundation, which aids the health and education of children who are stuck in at-risk situations. So goes the humanity and humility of Wade that while James merited all the praise for last week’s NBA Title against the Oklahoma City Thunder, he was silently pretending that his knee was fine, all the while knowing that he had a serious problem.

In 2008, Wade underwent OssaTron treatment on his left knee, sacrificing the final 21 games of the season. He recovered in time to help the U.S. Olympic team win gold in the 2008 Olympics, but now may be up against the possibility of missing the Olympics in London this summer. Throughout this year’s NBA Playoffs, Wade has felt severe pain in the knee, which at one point had to be drained before he could continue playing. Doctors plan to give him an MRI this week and we’ll know the results of that test soon enough.

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