Knee Braces: 6 Ways They Can Help Students Prepare for School Sports

Braces for School Sports

More and more we see the popularity of youth sports intensifying; while this is great for parents who want their kids to stay active, it also means paying more attention to sport safety and injury prevention.

As interest in playing sports grows, so does the level of competition and intensity. Many experts have expressed the growing number of youth injuries is due to the higher levels of performance required to be successful in a variety sports. Today’s kids need to be stronger, faster and braver in order to surpass others who have been training their whole lives in a particular sport.

If your young athlete is planning to continue their athletic career in school sports, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Almost all sports require excessive use of the knees, and protecting them is vital to performing safely and at a high level. Investing in high-quality knee braces is one way to ensure that your student athlete is ready for the next level in sport.

Braces for Football Athletes

Here are 6 ways knee braces can help students prepare for school sports:

Protection from Direct Blows

Contact sports generally have a lot more injuries than individual sports and a very common injury occurs when there is knee-on-knee contact. This kind of injury is most popular in volleyball, basketball and football and can cause a lot of future problems if not dealt with properly.

A knee pad can help to protect athletes from these types of run-ins, and they’re usually designed as a hard outer shell or as a knee sleeve with padding. These braces do not help with stability or injury rehabilitation, but can help students prepare and prevent knee contact with hard surfaces.

Increase Overall Knee Support

One very basic knee brace design is known as a knee sleeve, and this sleeve can be worn prior to sport, during or after. A quality knee sleeve has the ability to keep the joint warm, which can help prevent injury and may also increase support and compression during sport.

These kinds of knee braces are a great option for students who are preparing for school sport, as they are meant more to protect to knee joint rather than treat injury. Students have the option of wearing them whenever they’re feeling discomfort or when they’re looking for heat or extra support prior or after performing.

Braces to Prevent Injury from School Sports

Addressing Anterior Knee Pain

Young athletes who are already feeling pain in the front section of their knee may find knee braces such as patellar straps to be useful for school sports. These straps sit between the bottom of the kneecap and the small bump on the shin, thereby putting pressure on the patellar tendon. The tendon runs down the front of the knee and can cause a lot of discomfort during activity.

Many football and basketball players use the patellar strap for their high-intensity games and practices, and those who are sensing pain in the area may consider investing in this kind of brace before they begin contact sports in school. It is believed that the strap can help relieve some of the stress on the tendon and relieve pain from issues with Patellar Tendonitis.

Help Prevent Injury in Contact Sports

Some knee braces are meant to prevent injuries from occurring, which can be very helpful for students who are preparing for high-intensity contact sports. Braces such quality hinged knee braces are built with hinged bars along the sides of the knees, which helps to increase stability and protect the ligaments both on the inside and outside of the knee.

Some of the most common sports for these types of braces include football and volleyball and these braces are a great option to help athletes who are preparing for higher contact sports.

As competition intensifies for youth sports, more and more pressure is put on their bodies to perform at higher levels. And while injuries are more frequent, it’s important that parents and youth receive professional opinions about injuries before self-diagnosing.


While there are many braces that are available over counter, preventing or nursing knee injuries can be a tricky business on your own. Its best to refer to a sports doctor, orthopedic doctor or physical therapist first before choosing a specific needs brace in order to avoid further damage to the knees. Keep the dialogue open between you and your kids about their injuries and ensure that the brace they’re using is healing or preventing efficiently.

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