Knee Injury for Eagles’ Center

Philadelphia Eagles are in limbo right now as they just found out Monday morning that their starting center, Jason Kelce will be out for the rest of the NFL season due to a knee injury. Kelce was carried out of the game in the third quarter with a sprained knee and wore a knee brace on his right knee after the Eagles’ win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday afternoon.

Sources say that Kelce tore his ACL, but nothing is confirmed yet. This knee injury bears good news since he stated to the media that he never had a knee injury or tore a ligament in his life. A lost like this seems to negate such a great win at the end for this team. Suddenly Dallas Reynolds could be this team’s starting center for the rest of the season. Reynolds played well in relief of Kelce, but the Eagles haven’t seen nearly enough of him to be confident in his ability.

Football is famous for action, and also producing injury. Many teenagers play this sport, and as a result of the forces generated, as well as the mismatch in body sizes, injuries to various body parts are common. However, the highest injury rates are seen in the NFL. Also, interestingly, injuries are more common during games, compared to during practice. It is thought that the athletes “play harder” during the game, and are more likely to take risks.

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