Knee Pads for Spring Sports

Baseball player tagging opponentThere are a lot of great spring sports to enjoy when the weather gets warmer. Whether you’re looking to play at a competitive level or in something more recreational, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the most common spring sports include track and field, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, and golf.

While spring sports are a great way to get outside and stay active, it’s no surprise that all individuals run the risk of injury in sports. The most common spring sports for injury include lacrosse, running, tennis, golf, and baseball. To stay safe during your favorite activities, some of the best things you can do include adopting a good warm-up routine and practicing your skill in a controlled environment.

Many of the common sports for injury require bursts of energy, high speeds, and changes in direction. These movements can often be hard on the kneecaps, which generally take the brunt of our movements. The knees will take on even more pressure in the case of contact sports like soccer and lacrosse. Contact is very common in some field activities, and a lot of brunt force causes knee injury

To protect the knees during spring sports, knee pads can be a great option. If you want to invest in some quality knee pads, consider the sports knee pads listed to find a pair that will work for you.

McDavid Hex Knee/Elbow/Shin Pads
For basic knee protection from blunt force and shock, this basic knee pad is designed with versatile padding known as Hex technology. The padding works to protect either the knees, elbows, or shins from direct contact, and it prevents bruising during sports. The knee pad is offered in a material that has moisture management, which keeps the area warm yet dry to avoid discomfort and sliding.

Shock Doctor ShockSkin Knee/Elbow Guard
This elbow/knee guard uses innovative technology and adaptive padding to flex and form naturally with the motion of the knee or elbow movements. This design is ideal for spring sports, as it can mold to the needs of the athlete without impeding performance or feeling too bulky.

Regardless of the skill level, this knee pad offers breathability and comfort for any sport or motions, whether for tennis, golfing, or soccer.

volley ball player wearing knee pads

Mueller Multi-Sports Knee Pads
Athletes who are looking for a very basic knee pad may want to consider a design like this one, as it’s a universal design with minimal but effective padding. As opposed to offering padding in a concentrated area, these knee pads offer compression all around the knee to protect the muscles and distribute loading evenly.

Most commonly worn in volleyball, these knee pads are easy to slide on and are very minimal in design to ensure that athletes can perform naturally. Other features of this knee pad include protecting against bumps, bruises, and floor burns, and they are ideal for volleyball, soccer, basketball, and tennis.

Man playing lacrosse wearing knee brace

Mueller Pro Level Knee Pad with Kevlar
Athletes who often experience contact in sports, hard falls, or blunt force to their knees may want to consider a knee pad like this one. This lightweight, non-restricting knee pad looks simple but offers incredible protection to the kneecap.

The inside of the pad is made from thick, durable material that offers all-around compression and warmth. This warmth is the key for those athletes who often experience stiffness and strains in the area by keeping their muscles warm and flexible. The outer shell of the knee pad is designed with a durable, waffled pad made with Kevlar fibers that offer a high level of protection, and can withstand lots of friction and contact.

Other specs of this great knee pad include a contoured design, which helps to reduce bunching, and nylon-trimmed edges to avoid chaffing. The breathable material is helpful for all athletes who play both indoor and outdoor sports, and the design is very effective for decreasing pain, improving movement, and improving endurance.

Spring sports are ideal for getting back outside and becoming active again after a long winter. While very beneficial to your health, sports can often be cause for injury, and it’s important to protect yourself without sacrificing performance or comfort.

If you’re considering knee pads for protection, the options listed have a variety of benefits to keep your knees protected. Newer technology allows the latest knee pads to not only add protection but to also give you a breathable material that prevents discomfort. If you’re not sure what style is best for you, consider speaking with your doctor about the sports you’ll be playing and what kinds of requirements you’ll have for safety.

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