Knicks: Now It’s Time to Worry about Lin

News from this weekend forced the New York Knicks to make an about-face regarding the status of Jeremy Lin. Last week, the team had no fear that he’d be back from the ‘knee pain’ that forced him to warm the bench on March 24. He’s just a little rusty, they said. His knee was proving a little weak because his body wasn’t familiar with lengthy season activity. That’s all, we thought. Lin-sanity would be back in full Sports Illustrated fashion by the middle of the next week.

Well, the middle of that next week came and went. The news was bad: Lin needs surgery on his knee. Immediately.

However somber, this rising b-ball genius was cognizant of his place on the roster; acknowledging that if his performance hadn’t become so popular over the past six weeks, he might be going into surgery with a tremendous concern about his future in the game. Now that everyone knows how good he is, surgery just means a minor delay to the world’s newest basketball star.

“If this was done very early in the year, obviously… I don’t know where my career would be. I could be, would be definitely without a job and probably fighting for a summer league spot. But having said that, this happening now hurts just as much, because all the players, we really put our heart and souls into the team and into season, and to not be there when it really matters most is hard.”

Knee surgery will sideline Jeremy Lin for at least six weeks, potentially minimizing any potential of seeing the Knicks reach the playoffs. If they do get in, however, Lin might see some action in postseason, should his recovery remain on schedule. The world will be watching.

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