Knicks: Don’t Worry About Jeremy Lin

Panic swept the NBA on Saturday when Jeremy Lin went to the bench with what was reported to be a ‘sore knee’. Doctors simply clarified that it was nothing more than a nagging soreness that comes with overuse. Fans may have forgotten, but Lin wasn’t in the starting lineup until last month, when he led the New York Knicks on an exciting win streak and established what many were calling Linsanity. So whether we like to hear it or not, Lin is bound to have occasional soreness, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a season.

Sore knees that result from overuse are characterized by obnoxious pain around the edges of a knee joint, but there has been no twist or fall that contributed to the pain. Physicians offer several suggestions for healing that sore knee (or knees, if you’ve been running). Among those recommendations are rest, ice, ibuprofen, and strengthening exercises. Examples of strengthening exercises might include a mini-squat (a slow bend of the knees while the back is resting on a wall) or the clam (45 degree bends of the knee while lying on your side).

In order to be proactive about these risks and confront them before they hamper your activities (like they did for Jeremy Lin on Saturday), many will suggest 4-6 weeks of conditioning exercises, proper shoes, and cool downs. Please consider that even the most elite athletes are still human. Your success depends on learning from both their strengths and their weaknesses.

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