Kobe Beats the Heat Despite Neck Injury

When Kobe wants to play, Kobe wants to play. At least, that’s what Sunday’s 93-83 victory over the Miami Heat suggests. At least one third of those points came from the Los Angeles Lakers’ star, Kobe Bryant, in spite of a recent concussion and lingering neck injury. Coach Mike Brown was almost beside himself with surprise as well; acknowledging that Bryant will fight through anything to get on the court.

According to Bryant, we shouldn’t let the scoreboard fool us.

“In terms of injuries, this has been the one that I’ve really had to adjust my lifestyle to.” A normally agile and active man in life as well as sports, Bryant has resigned himself to a lights-out, no-talking rest for his body. On top of the time he takes on his own to recover, he missed all of practice last week to undergo neck treatments. And when he isn’t following doctor’s orders or resting, Bryant pushes himself through rigorous exercises that include bicycling and neurological tests. In other words, when Kobe wants to play, he doesn’t play around (ahem).

The truth is, recovering from a neck injury is serious business. Professional athletes recognize that they are paid to be active in their sport, not sitting on the sideline. For the rest of us, stars like Kobe Bryant just teach us that it’s possible to achieve a full recovery if we have the right tools and the right support.

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