Kobe Bryant’s Foot Injury

Kobe Bryant injured his ankle and needs an ankle brace The Los Angeles Lakers may be starting the 2012-2013 NBA season without their superstar Kobe Bryant. The 38-year old superstar missed two preseason games to rest a foot strain, but the question now is how many regular season games he will have to miss. According to reports, Kobe Bryant is out indefinitely, although the injury is being classified only as a strain. The Lakers made a big move this off season in acquiring center Dwight Howard, there is no denying the fact that much of the Lakers are getting older.

Basketball is a sport that requires use of the whole body, many parts which are very prone to injuries. When a player is injured with a strained muscle, a brace should be used to prevent further damage and help heal the injury correctly. Ankle injuries are among the most common injury to basketball players, so an ankle brace may help to strengthen and restore a sprained ankle, allowing the players to continue playing again.

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