Labor Day Reminders About Workplace Safety

The origins of Labor Day stretch more than 100 years of American history, all the way back to the dawn of labor unions who fought for better working conditions and better pay. On June 28, 1894, Congress and then-president Grover Cleveland made the second Monday of September a national holiday, a time to reflect on the great labors of the workforce. And so, this year, we take into account the massive workforce of 2012, considering not only their contributions, but also the need for continued safety precautions in the workplace.

For those working in the private industry, there were a total of 3,063,400 recordable cases of non-fatal injuries and illnesses in 2010, from data compiled by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Within that total, 370,130 were from sprains, strains, and tears, 185,270 were from injuries to the back, and 208,470 were caused by falls.

As you take time this Labor Day to reflect on all you’ve done for your employer, your clients, and your community, please remember to think safe and be safe in the days ahead. Injuries happen, but we can minimize their likelihood if we look out for one another. Have a safe and happy holiday.

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