Life After the Neck Brace

Last January, the Brace Shop made its readers aware of a serious neck injury that struck an R&B singer named Jason Derulo. Since that time, Derulo has been making news on American Idol, offering to deliver a song that the public would help him write. Tonight, he debuted the new song, titled ‘Undefeated’, proving once again that he is a dancing powerhouse to be reckoned with on the stage.

Rumors were also laid to rest about his relationship with Season Six American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks. During his performance of ‘Undefeated’, the camera panned to her beaming face, singing along the words to her beau’s new hit single. Were those stars in her eyes? Probably.

Derulo has proven to be a perfect example of life with and life after a neck brace. If you’ll remember, he donned a diamond covered neck brace back in April, showing that he wasn’t going to let a silly, obnoxious little injury keep him down (oh, those broken necks). Of course, we cut him some slack on that recovery since, well, he had a little bit more money to play with than the rest of us. But all kidding aside, his efforts to battle back from a serious injury were a powerful demonstration of the willpower that can turn a tragedy into a victory. Fortunately, for customers of the Brace Shop, our prices are affordable and our support is unmatched.

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