Life After Rugby

Across the western hemisphere of the globe, the most popular sports include football, soccer and basketball. But across the eastern hemisphere, they take all of those sports and roll ’em into one. It’s a game they like to call rugby. And for Daniel Vickerman, age 32, this game has taken up more than half his life. That is, until he became known as a serious injury risk to his team, the New South Wales Waratahs. Most recently, a stress fracture in his leg has Vickerman thinking about retirement.

Fortunately for his young athlete, sports isn’t his only endeavor. Vickerman went back to the University of Cambridge to earn a degree in Land Economy. Clearly, the man was exploring his options. The Waratahs had already listed his status as questionable because of a shoulder injury he sustained in the previous year. Professionals are expecting a decision to be made by Vickerman within the next several days and if he does, officially, retire, then this will mean a detrimental blow to the Welsh province.

Professional rugby, for those interested, can be viewed on ESPN Scrum, an online resource for all news and schedules.

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