Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is often described as a sudden, sharp, or dull pain felt below the waist. Low Back Pain is a very common injury that affects the majority of people at some point during their life. Low back pain is most commonly caused by muscle strain, lifting or forceful movement, bending, or awkward positions.

About 80 % of adults will experience back pain in the USA. Mild lower back pain or lumbosacral back pain usually resolves after a couple of days with little or no treatment.  Low Back Pain is usually due to twisting, bending or lifting incorrectly. If the condition continues to cause pain and does not go away by itself after several weeks, it is referred to as chronic low back pain. Either the condition is more severe, or the patient is not allowing the initial injury to heal properly.

The lumbar area is the most common area of the back to produce low back pain. This area of the spine is made up of 5 vertebrae.  Between each vertebrae are cushions that help absorb the shock of weight bearing. There are many nerves from the spinal chord that exit this area to supply muscle and sensory sensation to the lower extremity.

.Low Back Pain

When the nerves that come out of the lumbar spine are affected, the pain may radiate down the buttocks and into the legs.  When the cushions between the vertebrae are affected, it is sometimes referred to as a herniated disc.

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