LSU Freshman Already Out

For those who scoffed at the NFL negotiations and always prefer their college games to professional football, there has never been a question as to whether fans would get their Saturdays’ fill of sports television.  The only question now is which teams stand head and shoulders above the rest and which teams have the greatest potential for success.   LSU, better known to the rest of America as the Fighting Tigers, is one such group to watch out for this year. 

Their only problem right now is a much hyped freshman player who now has a broken foot.  Jarvis Landry signed with LSU hoping to bring a much needed strength to their receiving corps, but during a ‘for fun’ game with friends (called ‘7 on 7′ football) his right foot snapped and laid him flat on the ground.  Unlike the professional world where agents represent players, when it comes to college ball, parents are the ones playing agent.  Landry’s mother spoke up about her son to the New Orleans’ reporters when asked about his playing potential for the start of the season:

“Yes he did break his foot, but he’s going to be fine.  He’s OK.  He had a little surgery on Friday, and they told him he’ll be out about three weeks.”  Apparently, moms are good for embellishing the truth.  Landry will be out for closer to four weeks and there’s no such thing as a ‘little surgery’ when it comes to big time athletes.  Ce La Vie.   

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