Manufacturer Spotlight: Why We Love Breg Braces

The company Breg has over twenty years of experience making knee braces and continues to offer some of the highest quality braces to its customers. Using the latest technologies, Breg is constantly working to create braces that are not only effective at preventing and protecting injuries, but that are also comfortable and easy to wear.

Breg offers an extensive product line catering to every individual, including those in need of post-op braces, osteoarthritis needs, and sports bracing. This spotlight looks to highlight some of the best features of Breg braces and inform potential brace users about their product lines. Here are 6 reasons why we love Breg braces:

  1. Brace Selection for Various Body Parts

While Breg may have started out as a company focused on knee brace production, the company has since then expanded to offer braces for hips, shoulders, fractures, elbows, spines, and more. No matter what the injury, Breg has a brace that can cater to the individual’s needs and guide them through prevention, support, or the recovery processes.

Knee Brace.

  1. Lightweight Design

As Breg’s brace designs have changed over the years, more and more they focus on the ability to build braces that are more lightweight and easier to manage. From the X2K Ligament knee brace to their T scope elbow premier brace, the products continue to embrace a lightweight and low profile design that makes maneuvering and regular motions easier and more comfortable for every wearer.

  1. Gender-Specific Designs

We also love Breg braces because of their attention to detail. Gender-specific brace designs make wearing the braces much more comfortable and wearable. The sleek designs cater to the various shapes and sizes of the wearers, as opposed to offering neutral sizes that might not fit or help to improve the injury.

Woman with a hip splint, over white

  1. Customizable Options

Not only can you customize the sizing of your brace, but you also have the opportunity to choose the design! Breg offers a wide range of colors and designs for the wearer to choose from, including most of the colors in the rainbow, as well as patterns such as flames, camouflage, and water ripples.

While this isn’t necessarily one of the most important parts of the brace’s performance, it’s important to remember that many people will be wearing their brace for a very long period of time. Those users who have to use their brace in their daily routine appreciate the opportunity to choose colors or designs that allow them to enjoy wearing the brace more.

  1. Wide Variety of Options

Injuries are very patient specific. There are so many different factors, when it comes to injuries, that having a wide variety of options for each body part is vital to healing properly. For example, the variety of shoulder injuries that can occur require very specific slings and braces to hold the shoulder at certain angles, and a neutral brace just won’t do for all injuries.

Breg braces have an extensive range of braces for all kinds of injuries, and over 20 brace options for shoulder injuries alone. Braces include shoulder abduction pillows, slingshot shoulder braces, universal abduction slings, and more. We love that individuals can find exactly what they need in the wide variety of options available.

Corset for back trauma . physical therapist helping a patient to

  1. Products that Abide by Regulations

We love that Breg continues to stay fully informed about the rules and regulations surrounding various levels of sports. Their Standard PTO Knee Brace is an improved patella tracking device, with a new design that is made out of thermoplastic hinges.

The design was created in order to cater to athletes whose team or school rules restrict braces that contain pieces of metal. The brace performs in the same way as the original design, but Breg acknowledges the issues that athletes might face, in their respective leagues, and works to help those athletes perform regardless of their obstacles.

In Conclusion

The Breg brand continues to create products that cater to the newest needs of its users and that reflect the rules and regulations in sport. After twenty years in the industry, we continue to love Breg braces for their wide variety, sleek designs, and easy wear that can perform through the easiest actions, right up to the highest intensity contact sports.

If you’re looking for a quality brace for any of your needs, Breg is a trusted company that can certainly find what you need, and alter it to fit your exact measurements and specifications.


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