Massachusetts Under the Radar

Over the last several years, the state of Massachusetts has been the subject of incredible political intrigue. First it was the death of Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy in August of 2009, followed by the stunning election of little known Republican Scott Brown as Kennedy’s replacement. Then came the issue of Romneycare, a state-run universal health care program signed into law by 2012’s presumptive GOP Nominee, Mitt Romney, who declares that he will immediately destroy the so-called Obamacare (modeled after Romneycare) if he is elected president in November. But in all the hub-bub over politics, the beloved New England state has proven that they are incredibly good at something everyone else should be acutely aware: injury prevention.

Trust for America’s Health, along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have ranked states according to their injury statistics as well as a checklist of policies related to injury prevention. According to the report, Massachusetts has the third lowest rate of injury-related deaths, meaning that the severity of injuries incurred by residents is not as high as they might be elsewhere in the country. Only California and New York ranked higher in legislative policies for injury prevention. The state might have raised their credibility if law enforcement officers had the right to pull people over for not wearing their seatbelts, but legislators don’t appear to be rushing any bills through the floor on the issue.

While it may be politically volatile as voters consider its relationship to the 2012 Presidential Election, there is one thing we know for sure: Massachusetts flies under the radar as a pretty safe place to live.

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