Matt Forte Ankle Injury

Matt Forte Ankle Injury

Matt Forte Ankle InjuryMatt Forte Ankle Injury may affect his ability to play next week. Matt Forte, running back of the Chicago Bears, will play in the Bears season finale against the Detroit Lions despite his injury. Forte suffered an ankle injury last week in their win over the Arizona Cardinals. The Bears still have a chance to make the playoffs this year, as long as they beat the Lions. The Minnesota Vikings will need to lose in their game as well for the Bears to make the playoffs. With the Bears needing a win tonight, it would be hard to see Forte sit on the sidelines.

Ankle injuries are very common among football players, and other athletes that participate in high impact and contact sports.  Ankle sprains occur when the lateral ligaments on the outside of the ankle are stretched or torn. Depending on the severity of the ankle injury, ankle sprains are classified into Grade I, II and III. Grade I ankle sprains or inversion sprains are mild, and require rest, compression, anti-inflammatory medication for pain and swelling.

Grade III ankle sprains requires immediate medical attention to control swelling and stabilize the ligaments that have torn. Grade III ankle injuries involve at least two of the three ligaments that are torn, resulting in ankle instability. This type of injury requires immobilization followed by aggressive physical therapy.  Consult with the treating doctor to determine the type of ankle injury you suffer from and the treatment course.

After an ankle injury, your doctor may place you in a walking boot to keep the ankle immobilized.  After healing, an ankle brace can be worn for an extended period of time.  In the case of Matt Forte Ankle Injury, wearing an ankle brace during play helps to control abnormal ankle movement. Ankle braces can help heal an injured ankle and allow a player to continue playing. Players may also wear ankle braces or any other sports brace to keep an injured joint from getting re-injured or to increase it’s stability.

The Brace Shop has a wide variety of ankle braces that are specialized for all types of ankle injuries. Sports players need help to provide relief for injured joints that are common among all sports. Many of these products help strengthen injured joints and allow the joints to full recover. To see the Brace Shop’s full selection of braces please visit our online store today!


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