Matt Schaub vs Matt Leinart

Right now, the Houston Texans are being called the best team that no one talks about. Our conversations about the AFC generally swing to the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, or the Indianapolis Colts (well, not so much anymore with an 0-10 record). So what about Mario Williams? Brian Cushing? Matt Schaub? Elite football players? Perhaps. But Schaub, the most underrated Texans quarterback, just went out with a foot injury.

Schaub has passed for almost 2500 yards this season with a 61% completion percentage and a 96.8 passer rating. In other words, he’s good. His numbers rank just below Super Bowl winners’ Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees. On Sunday, however, Schaub injured the Lisfranc joint in his right foot while en route to a victory over Tampa Bay, 37-9. Waking up on Monday, the QB said the foot was ‘not visibly looking too good.’ Strange way to say it, but we understand.

So as one Matt steps aside (pardon the pun), another Matt waits in the wings. Matt Leinart, a Heisman Trophy winner out of USC, was a disaster quarterback in Arizona, where he replaced Kurt Warner and helped the Cardinals flatline in the NFC West. Jumping to the AFC means, quite possibly, Leinart’s last chance to be an NFL star. Fortunately, even if he plays poorly, the Texans are collectively playing with the #1 Defense in the league. That counts for something.

We’re pretty sure there won’t be a Matt vs Matt controversy at quarterback. When Schaub is healthy enough to come back, he will. At least for now.

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