Memorial Day Meaning

Today marks the start of a summer to come while still housing the memories of fallen soldiers long gone. Memorial Day, the proverbial ‘end of school’ holiday (contrasted with Labor Day as the ‘beginning of school’ holiday), is often confused with Veterans Day for reasons that make perfect sense. Both deal with our military and both are considered national days of remembrance. But what makes Memorial Day unique is that it honors the fallen, rather than just those who have served.

What began in 1868 as a way to commemorate the tens of thousands who gave their lives in the Civil War has gradually come to include the loved ones who lost their lives in every battle, war, or military conflict since that time. For more than 100 years, Memorial Day was the unofficial way for families and friends to reconsider the losses that paid for their continued freedoms. It wasn’t until 1971 that Congress, under the signing pen of President Richard Nixon, agreed to call this a national holiday. Now, at 3pm on Memorial Day, most of the nation stops for a moment of silence to recall the countless individuals who paid the ultimate sacrifice in favor of their country’s best interest.

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