The New Mile High Manning

The NFL offseason has proved to be almost as fascinating as the season itself. During a crazy bid of free agency, players are moving all over the franchise map. For a little while there, fans were talking about the potential ‘dream team’ in San Francisco, where Randy Moss (star receiver from New England and Minnesota) and Mario Manningham (star receiver from last year’s Super Bowl with the New York ‘football’ Giants) both signed. What made these two acquisitions most tantalizing was that Peyton Manning, whose neck injury cost him a season and a contract with Indianapolis, was also hunting for a new team and San Francisco was in his top three. But there will be no dream team on the Bay. Instead, on Monday morning, Manning decided to move his family into the Mile High city of Denver, Colorado where he will don a Broncos jersey this August.

The picture was quite a sight. John Elway, former Denver quarterback and two time Super Bowl winner (arguably the only quarterback in NFL history to retire at the peak of his career), shaking hands with future hall-of-famer and one time Super Bowl winner, Peyton Manning, whose brother happens to have as many rings as Elway. Denver fans may have felt strongly about Tim Tebow, but at the end of the day, fans want their team to win a championship and Tebow just hadn’t proven that he was consistently capable of being a star quarterback.

Unfortunately, the acquisition of Manning has its risks as well. Some are calling Peyton ‘damaged goods’. And the truth is, he has physical baggage that comes with a mile high price. Prior to the beginning of last season, Manning had to undergo neck surgery, a decision that cost him the season and eventually led to a parting of ways between he and his beloved Colts. If, for any reason, the offensive line lets him down in Denver, Manning could be out for good. Can he still throw like a hall-of-famer? That’s whay Elway says. But we just don’t know how his body will hold up when those hits keep coming.

We’ll have to wait and find out where Tebow ends up before we’ll know who gets the last laugh.

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