Every Six Minutes, a Child is Injured on the Stairs

According to a new study from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a child is injured on the stairs every six minutes. This should strike an immediate concern for parents whose homes are already being baby-proofed for such risks. Apparently, even those stair gates that we put so much confidence in are simply not enough. They reduce the risk of children toppling down the stairs, but putting them up and walking away isn’t enough.

Certain members of the home have been known to remove these gates because of an inconvenience, opening up a vulnerable path that the protective parent might be unaware. In other cases, some toddlers and even older babies grow strong enough to knock these gates down by the sheer weight of their hand or the slip of their bodies. Imagine a toddler who accidentally falls backwards into a stair gate. Will the gate hold their weight? Probably not.

The study warns parents to follow through with the very things that they tell their children to avoid. For example, do not leave foreign objects on or near the staircase. Tripping on a small Hot Wheels car might lead to an unnecessary visit at the nearest emergency room. If your home has a staircase, try to limit the number of times that you go up and down the stairs carrying your children. Even adults have a tendency to slip over two left feet. No need to turn a silly moment into a serious accident.

Overall, just be aware of the research. Gates are a good start. Additional precautions are even better.

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