Neck Sprain

Neck Sprain

A Neck Sprain is term referring to a stretching or tearing of the soft tissues of the neck, which includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The neck or cervical area of the spine is prone to injury because of the range of motion that occurs in this area of the body. Care must be addressed to any type of neck injury, due to the amount of important blood vessels to the head, nerve bundles that emanate from the brain and control body function.

A sprain refers to ligaments while a strain refers to muscles stretching or tearing. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect bones to each other. Mild strains may involve only stretching of the ligaments. More severe strains would involve partial tears. A neck strain may result from a sudden movement that may cause the neck to extend or flex too far. Clinching a phone between your ear and shoulder is a common result of a neck strain, while a whiplash type injury can damage the ligaments of the neck.Neck Sprain

In severe cases of hyperextension of the neck, immediate attention is needed.  Concussions, bruising of the spinal chord and injury to the spinal nerves can occur.  In cases where a car accident occurs, it is very important not to move the person that has suffered the injury, unless there is a life or death situation, such as a fire.  It is important to keep the neck immobilized at all times, until EMT can properly immobilize the neck, to avoid further damage to the spinal chord.

Certain sports such as football and other high contact sports can cause severe neck injuries.  Please contact a physician immediately if you suspect the neck sprain is more than a mild neck injury.

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