Newton Enters NFL Draft – No Word on His Injury

Cam Newton Announced Plans to Enter the Draft in 2011

Quite literally, just a day after the Brace Shop announced that Cam Newton might be suffering from a serious lower back injury after the BCS National Championship (Eye of a Tiger), Newton came forward and announced that he was entering the 2011 NFL Draft.  Good for him.  Well, take that with a grain of salt.

More than likely, the young Cam feels that he has peaked in his college career and need not go again for a final year that, chances are, would not end with a second Heisman or a second BCS title.  And we can understand that.  The problem is, a final year in college also means finishing a degree that may come in handy if that dream of a superstar NFL career doesn’t come to pass.  Why all the speculation and pessimism?  Following the game, Newton was rushed to have x-rays regarding his lower back, but during his NFL announcement just two days later, no word was said about the injury.  Could be nothing.  Could be everything.  We just don’t know because all has been quiet on the Tiger frontier.

To be fair, the lower back is the most common place to have a back injury and almost everyone goes through it from time to time after some kind of strenuous movement.  Lifting a box without the strength of your knees or bending down regularly to work in the garden can equally add to the aching.  But what Newton experienced was not a gradual aching or misuse.  No.  Cam Newton took a blow to the back and it remains to be seen whether this NFL Draft conversation will change in the weeks and months ahead if news comes out suggesting he has any long term damage.  On the other hand, all this pessimism could amount to nothing and Newton might just be the next Joe Montana or Troy Aikman.  We’ll keep you posted.

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