NFL: ‘Football is Back’

While President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner continue their last minute wrangling over an economic solution to the nation’s fiscal crisis, there is finally some hope in the world of compromise and done deals.  The National Football League, which has been in lockout and lawsuit mode since March, finally came to an agreement over the terms between players and owners.  Take a look, Washington.  Maybe you could learn a thing or two.

One of the more touching moments of this final conclusion was a hug between Indianapolis representative and player Jeff Saturday and New England owner Robert Kraft.  Just this last week, Kraft lost his wife of 48 years to a battle with cancer.  In a press conference on Monday, Saturday acknowledged the loss of Myra Kraft and gave respect to her husband, who seemingly became the architect that saved football.

Now that the warring is over (in the NFL, that is), there are a few changes that have little to do with the everyday game that fans watch on television.  Owners will now gain 53% of the revenue with players earning just 47% (though the previous arrangement was more like 50/50).  In addition, spending will be limited for contracts on first-round draft picks.  Everything else, well, just ends up looking like paperwork for the business of professional sports. 

Now that the NFL is open for business, expect to hear a great deal about injuries in the news.  While there are quite a number of players who took time to practice off the field (where they were locked out), there are plenty of players who are not as physically prepared for the season as they could be.

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