Oh, Those Aching Thighs

Aliona Savchenko, a three time world champion and 2010 Olympic gold medalist, has a face that figure skating fans have become accustomed to seeing at almost every major event. Her beauty continues to electrify, her skill is always unmatched, and her absence in the upcoming European Figure Skating Championship will be a lucky break for every other competitor. That’s right. Savchenko will not be defending her pairs title with Robin Szolkowy when the program airs on January 26.

According to reports, while practicing a throw jump on January 12, she injured her left thigh after a harsh fall on the ice. And just when she was almost sure that the nagging ache was gone on Wednesday, another spin caused the pain to flare up. German physicians have said that “she is in pain and unable to perform all elements,” which makes a decision to withdraw all that more difficult. Could she do some of the stunts? Sure. The problem is that she cannot perform all elements, which essentially means her ‘unmatched skills’ from before will not be so unmatchable.

Training coach Ingo Steuer has said that “it was a very tough decision to take because we have come this far but we cannot take the risk of aggravating the injury.” Tough call, but good decision. Savchenko will live to skate another day.

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