Olympics 2012: Usain Ready to Bolt

They call him the Lightning Bolt for one reason and one reason alone: he’s faster than any man alive. Usain Bolt is currently the World and Olympic Record Holder for the 100 meter (9.58 sec) and 200 meter (19.19 sec) dash. And to put his speed in perspective, Bolt can run the length of a football field (100 yards) faster than it takes to zap fry a pop tart (10 seconds). Go figure.

But lately, Bolt has been struggling with a bad back that has had some indirect consequences for his hamstrings. Officials representing his spot in the 2012 London Olympics have expressed concern in recent weeks, but the announcement was just made on their official website that Bolt is in.

Referring to the concerns about his potential injury, Bolt said, “I had slight problems but nothing too serious. I got that fixed. I came to camp today and I felt that vibe.” In other words, he showed up in London and talked himself out of any lingering hesitations. For anyone to repeat or surpass their prior Olympic performance would be something of a miracle, but gold or not, Jamaicans will be proud to see him carry their flag when the opening ceremonies begin at 4pm on Friday, July 27.

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