OMG! Canadian Hockey Coach Trips Teenager, Causing Injury

You read it correctly. And it’s worse than it sounds. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were incredibly forthcoming about a recently arrested hockey coach from British Columbia whose actions will most certainly have consequences. “The coach was arrested. Charges will be forwarded at a later date, pending the results of the investigation.” RCMP Sergeant Paulina Gidda told the Canadian Press. “It was an incident that was unfortunate, and it doesn’t bring a great light to our community.”

Indeed it doesn’t. The currently unnamed coach was clearly disgruntled after a loss and during the friendly handshake on ice, he proceeded to trip one of the smallest teens who passed him by, incidentally causing the taller boy behind him to fall and leading to injured wrists for the target of his wrath. Perhaps most shocking is that this wasn’t even professional hockey. The very reason there were teenagers shaking hands on ice is because it was a youth event. Nothing more. These were 10-12-year-old squads playing against one another between Vancouver and Richmond.

Of course, the “innocent until proven guilty” case is also in play here. Some have argued that the coach may have been frustrated, got his foot tangled with the young man, and the shear nature of the moment led him to act his most childish. Footage of the tripping shows the coach violently pointing at the boy after he trips, so there’s very little to debate.

At the end of the day, more than anything, we hope that the boy will have a full recovery, with no lasting damage to his wrists.

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