Oscar Pistorius, Blade Runner of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Social Media was ablaze during the Men’s 400 Meter competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London earlier this month. What had their attention? Word that a human Blade Runner would be competing in the race. No, this was not Harrison Ford on the track. This was Oscar Pistorius, a South African double amputee, who runs with the help of an Össur limb called the Cheetah Flex Foot. Just the mere mention of Pistorius on Google and fans can view thousands of videos of a man who almost appears to be a living, Bionic Man.

Granted, a discussion of someone nicknamed the ‘Blade Runner’ has had its share of controversy, with many arguing that Pistorius has an advantage over traditional runners. But in the end, whether a person runs with natural or alternative limbs, it still takes a great measure of human strength to make those legs competitive. And if we took anything away from the Pistorius race, we learned that disabilities do not immediately exclude someone from an Olympic contest. Despite losing the 400 Meters, Pistorius continues to inspire children and adults alike, those in a similar situation who look to him as a model of hope. For someone who grew up without legs and now joins an elite club of the fastest runners in the world, his presence at the 2012 Olympics may have been the most incredible show in London. No offense to Michael Phelps or Gabby Douglas, of course.

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