An Overdue Purple Heart in El Paso

On February 19, 1952, Gilbert Ramirez enlisted in the army, hoping to serve the United States with honor. Soon after basic training, Ramirez was sent to the Korean War, where he would help fight on the front lines of a signature battle, the Battle of Pork Chop Hill. When his leg was injured in the line of duty, he had the wounds and the scars to prove it. Unfortunately, the U.S. Military did not award him the purple heart until May 5, 2012, some 59 years later.

Ramirez, a resident of El Paso, Texas, recalls the battle as if it were yesterday.

“I was in the third platoon – the last platoon to go out into the hill. When we got up there, it was a mess. It was horrible, but I had a mission.”

For years, the military argued over and over that Ramirez did not have sufficient documentation to warrant a Purple Heart. He and his wife, Paulina, spent years fighting for the accolade, only to run up against brick wall after brick wall. It wasn’t until Paulina uncovered a random piece of paper in the clutter of old memories that Ramirez found relief. Apparently, when the document turned out to be exactly what the military was looking for, he began walking around home like he was on cloud nine.

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