Owens Brings His Aging Knee to the Seahawks

Terrell Owens - Knee InjuryTerrell Owens has been called many things, but after his recent efforts to get signed with an NFL team, it’s time we added another name to his resume: persistent. In the Spring of 2011, Owens injured his knee and was officially out of contention for the 2011-2012 season. Let’s just say he became a non-factor in the NFL, a reality that almost every commentator had already acknowledged with or without the knee problem. And today, at age 38, no one expects him to be a factor much longer.

But don’t tell that to Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll, who signed the Pro Bowl receiver on Tuesday.

“He’s got a chance to start all over again here. And whatever age he is, who cares? I don’t care.”

Okay, then.

Setting aside the controversies and a massive track record for causing trouble within his offensive unit, the fact is, if Owens can play, then he should play. Age does not always diminish the drive of an athlete to excel in spite of nagging injuries, torn ligaments, and broken bones. Although our muscles will eventually give out and we might need a few more body braces, there is no reason for anyone to call it quits before he or she is completely ready to remove themselves from a sport. Just another reason why we think there might be room for Michael Phelps in Rio.

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