Pediatric Wrist Braces

Pediatric Wrist Braces

Pediatric Wrist Braces are just as important for youth and children as they are for adults. A sprained wrist in children is a relatively common injury to those involved in sports, but also in simple activities such as riding a bike or tripping while running. In some instances it is more important because of the growth plates in the hand, wrist and forearm.  Damage to these growth plates can have serious lifelong consequences so it is important to identify wrist injuries that may not appear to severe initially, but can be more severe when x-rays are taken.

Immediately following an injury, ice should be applied to the injured wrist to reduce and prevent further swelling. If the pain is severe or the inflammation persists, medical attention should be sought immediately to ensure no bones have been broken or fractures occurred.Pediatric Wrist Braces According to the national Center for Biotechnology the incidence of wrist injuries in pediatric patients has increased over the last 40 years and children participate in more sports and activities at a younger age.  fractures to the wrist bones, fingers, distal radius and humerus are common in children’s sports, especially sports like football, soccer and other competitive and high impact activities.

A wrist injury can happen to adults as well, and the Brace Shop also sells Adult as well as Pediatric Wrist Braces for them, but children need special care for those growing bones and muscles. Being able to choose from the best selection of pediatric wrist and other wrist products for wrist sprains, strains and fractures is an important decision to make for parents. The Brace Shop carries a wide range of pediatric wrist products specific for the littlest of wrists. View our Pediatric Wrist Brace Store online today and find out you can provide your child with the best of care while still being cost efficient. Your health and well-being is the Brace Shop’s ultimate goal.

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