Injury Update: Troy Polamalu

While Hines Ward awaits the return of his DWTS dancing partner who was hurt last Saturday with a neck injury, another Pittsburgh Steeler is in the midst of recovery as well.  Pro Bowl safety Troy Polamalu has been in recovery from an injury to his Achilles tendon suffered during an interception return for a touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals last December.

Although Polamalu earned the honor of being called 2010’s defensive player of the year in spite of his late season injury, the damage to his foot showed in the postseason where, even in the Super Bowl, he was far less explosive than fans have come to expect.  Right now, in an effort to maintain his status, the star safety is getting treatment and undergoing rehabilitation in Los Angeles with an orthopedic surgeon who often works with Steelers players. 

The team expects him to be fully healed by the time training camp returns, but no one knows if there will even be a training camp this year.  If, for some legal reason, the NFL goes on infinite hiatus, Polamalu has other options.  During the offseason, he completed his undergraduate degree in history from the University of Southern California and last week walked the stage to receive his diploma.  The reason, he said, was to emphasize for young people that sports is not and should not ever be a replacement for education.  Well done, Troy. 

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