Preseason Boom, Regular Season Vroom

When the Saints signed defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin during their last minute offseason, the last thing they expected was a preseason injury that might end his entire season before it begins. But running up against the powerhouse Houston Texans on Saturday, Franklin went down hard with a sprained medial collateral ligament. Initially, reports from the team doctor were concerning. Now it appears he’ll be ready for action in three weeks or less. And that’s quite alright for the boys in Louisiana, since they’ll need him in the regular season opener against the Green Bay Packers on September 8.

Franklin had originally been a member of the San Francisco 49ers’ roster until they were unable to reach an agreement over his contract. The hefty lineman was even tagged as a franchise player with the Niners in 2010, but with another, new collection of coaches and front office workers in San Francisco, his contract was up for discussion. Few saw Franklin as a long term solution for the Niners, who are consistently in a state of flux. His 8-year career began with the high-flying, defense-minded Baltimore Ravens. Of course, Franklin is no Ray Lewis, but if he can get himself health enough for the Ravens on September 8, his presence will be felt.

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