Preventable Back Injuries

Everyone says they know how to lift a box or carry a pile of books and yet the statistics show that Americans still overwhelmingly fail to take steps to prevent back injuries.  Patients land in the emergency room on numerous occasions because of silly mistakes that end in throbbing or even excruciating pain.  Physicians spend a great deal of their resources and time teaching everyday people how to take care of their backs so as to avoid a frightening snap or crack.  So why is this still a nagging problem in our society?  Because at the end of the day, Americans are still in a hurry to do their jobs without feeling that a single lift or a single movement could cause serious damage.

A brief reminder about how to prevent back injuries is not only good for our backs, but for our overall wellbeing.  Many of the most common injuries are incurred by nursing assistants or children taking care of a parent who have a need to move the adult from one position to another, thus requiring a great deal of strain on the lower back.  This being just one example, below are several ways to consider ‘prevantable back injuries’.

(1) Think before you lift.  If you need help, get it.  If you need to reposition yourself, do it.

(2) Keep your back straight, keep your head up, and lift with your legs (one of the most popular, forgotten reminders).

(3) Try to avoid twisting your waist during a lift so that the weight stays primarily at your center.

A simple strain can not only ruin a day of work, but has the potential to end a rising career.  Let’s take care of ourselves.  

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