Progress in Knee Brace Research

While the Brace Shop is in the business of selling quality and low cost braces for all kinds of injuries, others are in the business of investigating ways to improve the quality of products we, and others, sell on a regular basis. Case in point, researchers from the University of Waterloo have created a knee simulator to replicate various motions and movement factors that may or may not have an effect on the knee itself. In particular, these experts are looking at the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and ways to ensure that fewer ACL injuries become career-threatening.

“What we plan to do,” said one of the researchers, “is first design knee braces specifically meant to protect the ACL of high-risk athletes and then we also want to find out who are those people.” The team acknowledged that most severe ACL injuries happen during practices, rather than competitions. For this reason, the they are developing technology to work within training situations, rather than the more intense moments of an athletic career.

Their common belief is that athletes should be able to enjoy the full range of their abilities without putting so much pressure on a knee that might give out at any time.

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