Protective Knee Braces for Basketball Season

Knee injuries can be extremely unforgiving and very hard to repair if the rehabilitation is not done quickly and correctly. We use our knees for so many everyday activities that it’s critical that we take care of these areas. Whether we’re going for a walk, gardening, or playing in the championship football game, injuries to our knees can slow us down or completely take us off of our feet during the recovery process.

For those who are playing the sport of basketball, knee injuries are quite common because of the need to run, quickly change directions, and play in contact. It’s been said that two of the most common injuries in basketball include ankle sprains and acute knee trauma. Lower limb injuries account for almost 62% of injuries on the court, so it’s obvious that those with knee problems or those hoping to avoid them will want to take precautions.

If you’re looking for ways to protect your knees, there are a variety of protective knee braces for basketball that you can consider:

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Bauerfeind Genutrain Elastic Knee Brace

Those players who are looking for controlled compression throughout the joint, as well as added protection of the knee cap, should consider the Bauerfeind Genutrain Elastic Knee Brace. The design includes an incorporated silicone insert and works to protect and relieve pressure around the patella.

For players who generally play in post positions, they’ll notice that there is always a lot of contact under the net. Many times, there is knee-to-knee contact that can disrupt the alignment of the patella and create a lot of discomfort for basketball players. To avoid injuries to the patella, consider using this brace which can also help to increase circulation, decrease swelling, and promote good circulation.

Breg Roadrunner Hinged Knee Brace

For players who are dealing with medial and lateral instabilities, either from injury or otherwise, the Breg Roadrunner Hinged Knee Brace could help to increase stability and overall performance. This brace is also meant to help with ACL and PCL instabilities by offering a versatile design that offers good joint line control.

Players who are worried about performance with a brace like this should know that it has an extremely low profile, and that it allows full flexion and extension control. The idea is to keep the entirety of the knee in a balanced position, so that changes in speed and direction won’t cause parts of the knee to break free or pull too far in the opposite direction.

This is a great brace for faster runners on the team such as the wings and point guard who aren’t necessarily getting a lot of contact but who are required to rush, push off, stop, and change directions very abruptly.

Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap

Basketball players who are competing with weak or painful knees should consider wearing the Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Straps to either one or both knees while playing.

This knee brace is designed to apply dynamic forces to the surrounding areas, and, as a result, it helps to lower the chance of overusing the knee. The strap applies pressure to the tendons both below and above the kneecap, while also stabilizing the knee and reducing any pressure from the quadriceps.

This knee strap works to isolate the kneecap from surrounding forces that could cause pain and discomfort, so it’s a great option for players who have experienced previous injury and are looking for added strength. If you’re experiencing Jumper’s Knee, Runner’s Knee, or Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease, this brace will help to alleviate that pain while competing.

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M-Brace #20 Compression Knee Wrap

Basketball players who are simply looking for warmth, compression, and support for their knees should consider the M-Brace #20 Compression Knee Wrap, which offers comfort as well as compression during play.

The low-profile of the brace and the simple application make this a great brace for athletes who want something quick and simple. Whether you’ve had a slight injury to the patella or you’re just looking for extra protection while you’re on the court, this compression knee wrap can help to keep your knees safe from player and floor contact.


It’s a great idea to look at your options when it comes to knee braces, as many of the injuries that occur on the court happen to the lower leg region. Even if you’ve never experienced an injury in this area, investing in a low-profile knee brace is a smart way to avoid injury and enjoy a full season of basketball. Be sure to consult with your doctor ahead of time to ensure that you’re choosing the right basketball brace for your needs.

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