Ramsay Humbled Outside the Kitchen

Like Simon Cowell, Chef Gordon Ramsay has gradually turned into one of those people we all love to hate. Ramsay entered international fame when he starred in the hit series, Hell’s Kitchen, quickly becoming known as the man who shouts at every single person he meets. Over the years, the gnarling, profanity-laced Brit has warmed up out of necessity. A man can only be angry for so long. Occasionally, we do see him smile. And on Sunday, we even saw his benevolent side.

Playing a part in the Manchester charity game called Soccer Aid 2012, Ramsay was tackled into the ground (literally) and couldn’t get up. Medical staff hurried to the field, where they gave him oxygen and soon took him away on a stretcher. Taking to his Twitter account, Ramsay wrote: “Thx 4 (thanks for) all the messages. Out of hospital after receiving amazing care from medics at ground & hospital. Bit sore but fine.” Word has it that his back was somewhat injured during the collision, but he’s an incredibly tough man. The Soccer Aid also managed to bring an injury to funnyman Will Ferrell (leg), whose role in the competititon was lessened rather quickly.

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