Will Manning Reach 209 Consecutive Starts?

For Peyton Manning, playing football every Sunday for the last 13 seasons has been as familiar as seeing the sun rise every morning. Barely injured throughout his long career, Manning has been a perennial superman for the Indianapolis Colts. Invincible, you might even say. But not anymore. As the Brace Shop noted on July 15, Manning was at risk of missing some games this season as a result of a neck injury that he was trying to play off as less serious than it actually was. Now those fears of missing a regular season opener are more serious than ever.

Right now, Manning is slated to miss the final two preseason games against Green Bay and Cincinnati and still potentially needs another week of recovery beyond that.

“I certainly want to be out there, and it’s hard to keep track of the hours I’ve spent in rehab. I was short-changed a little bit by the lockout and I’m going to need every bit of the next two weeks, and then I can give you more of an update with where I am. I have made progress, but I still have some work to do. When I’m healthy enough, I’ll be able to play.”

Now that sounds like a man who knows his limitations. Stopping the Colts early is usually the best chance the AFC has to keep them from being a threat in the post season.

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