The Real Carmageddon

The plan was to shut down a 10 mile stretch of Interstate 405 in Los Angeles from last Friday evening to early Monday morning in order to demolish the Mulholland Drive Bridge, a long overdue project for the city.  But during the week leading up to the demolition, LA residents had made national headlines, calling the entire thing a ‘Carmageddon’ waiting to happen.  The fear was that the 405 was simply too busy a road to get shut down for an entire weekend.  People from the area might turn into an angry mob overnight!

Well, that didn’t happen.  In fact, the project went so smoothly that workers were 15 hours ahead of schedule and reopened the freeway on Sunday at 11:30am, well ahead of the Monday rush hour.  Residents must have forgotten that this was the freeway where O.J. Simpson made his escape and cars were cleared from the road while cameras caught the entire thing on tape. 

So the real Carmageddon?  That happened about 26 miles from Los Angeles in Long Beach on the parallel 710.  For about 25 minutes on Monday morning, the California Highway Patrol had shut down the southbound freeway because of a multi-vehicle crash that left at least one person injured.  Someone was pulled from an overturned SUV and rushed to a nearby hospital.  All this on the morning when everyone was planning to avoid the 410.  Go figure.

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