Reese in Pieces

Acclaim and stardom hasn’t made Reese Witherspoon impervious to injury.  Fans who noticed the Legally Blond actress wearing a cast on her left foot last week were puzzled that they knew nothing about it.  It took almost two days for Reese’s agent to publically announce that the cast was no big deal.  “She twisted her ankle and is in a walking cast temporarily.  Nothing serious.”  And thank goodness.  The media would have had a field day if there were any suspicion that the injury came from new husband Jim Toth.  Witherspoon is America’s sweetheart!

The A-list actress is now starring opposite Twilight vampire Robert Pattinson in the new film Water for Elephants.  The plot is based on a 2006 novel by the same name, involving an elderly man who recounts his life in memories.  Jacob Jankowski, played by Pattinson, remembers hearing of his parents’ death and fleeing to a train that he ultimately discovers to be a circus car.  Naturally, Jankowski ‘joins the circus’ (as they say) and ends up falling in love with the wife of the animals’ head trainer.  The wife, played by Witherspoon, is a charming yet guarded woman who fears the wrath of her husband.  What happens in this tale of forbidden romance is the subject of the film and novel.  

As usual, Reese delivers a remarkable performance even though her ankle is currently in pieces.  Poor girl.   

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