Rescued Nine Days After the Nine

Just nine days after the magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan, a teenager and his grandmother were rescued from a badly demolished house in Ishinomaki.  Not only did they survive the quake, but the tsunami that followed as well.  Police officers had not given up hope that there were still survivors in the small town and were ecstatic to come across Sumi Abe and her grandson Jin.

The two survived that time on yogurt, water, and soda products, but astoundingly, there were no major injuries sustained.  The grandmother, wrapped in a blanket (pictured above), spoke with authorities about her harrowing experience.   Her grandson, although not seriously harmed, did suffer from hypothermia, a condition which a human’s body temperature sinks below the normal level (generally 95 degrees Farenheit).  Symptoms can include shivering and disorientation, but the boy seemed to be doing well after some time spent in recovery.

Considering all that happened in Japan and all those who lost their lives, it’s quite remarkable for anyone, let alone two members of the same family, to emerge from the wreckage without a scratch.  While hypothermia is no laughing matter, it certainly beats a number of other injuries that could have been sustained.

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