The RICE Method for a Pulled Hamstring

Rest it.  Ice it.  Compress it.  Elevate it.  That’s what physicians call the RICE method for treating a hamstring injury.  Problem is, if you need to ice and compress your hamstring, a simple ice pack just won’t suffice.  The Brace Shop offers an Active Wrap Knee Hot/Cold Therapy  option to combine the icing and compression process without adding discomfort or awkward positioning of the leg.  If you happen to have a hamstring injury, take a moment to consider just how frequent this problem really is for athletes who use their legs and knees to run or sprint everyday.

Today in Soccer: Sunderland’s Anton Ferdinand is out for three to four weeks after grabbing for his leg while kicking a ball out of play.

Today in the NFL: Houston’s Owen Daniels is coming back after several weeks recovering from a hamstring tear.  Miami’s Brandon Marshall was happy to have an extra week last Sunday for his hamstring to heal, saying that the rest made him far more prepared for this week.  Washington’s Ryan Torain missed four games from a hamstring injury and will be returning this                 week.

Today in the NBA: Boston’s Rajon Rondo has a laundry list of injuries, but in a Sunday night game against the Nets, a new hamstring injury added to his woes.

Point is, you’re not alone.  The hamstring takes about three to four weeks for a full recovery, but even then, an average person should be cautious with their immediate activity.

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