Robert Griffin III Knee Injury

Robert Griffin III Knee Injury

Robert Griffin III Knee InjuryRobert Griffin III Knee Injury made headlines recently. The starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins, will be playing in the Redskins wild card game this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. Robert Griffin III has been much slower since his right knee injury last month. Robert Griffins III injured knee still hasn’t been diagnosed but probably involves the ACL ligament.

The Redskins back up quarterback, Kirk Cousins, will be ready to play this Sunday if Robert Griffin III for any reason is unable.

Robert Griffin III Knee Injury may require total reconstructive surgery.  It appears he may have suffered a torn ACL and collateral ligament injury. This type of injury and surgery will probably keep him from playing for the rest of the season.

Acl tears are very common in football.  They usually occur with the knee is hyperextended and twisted. When someone suffers an ACL injury, they will hear a popping sound coming from the knee joint.  The pain usually worsens as the athlete continues to play on the injured knee.

Initial treatment for an ACL injury is to apply ice and compression to the area.  The athlete should be non weight bearing. Anti-inflammatory medication is given to reduce pain and swelling.  If the injury is not too severe, rest, immobilization and physical therapy is provided to allow the ACL ligament to heel.  If surgery is necessary, arthroscopic surgery is performed with small incisions placed around the knee joint. The surgeon can repair the torn ACL while looking at a tv screen and utilizing small instruments inserted into the incisions. Consult with your doctor to determine the best course of treatment for your ACL condition.  Athletes like Robert Griffin III Knee Injury usually require surgery to get them back into shape for playing as soon as possible.

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