He Said, He Said Trash-Talking

Well, as the phrase goes in America, gossip is always “he said, she said,” but in the National Football League, where testosterone rules the field, that line goes more like “he said, he said.” And more than 24-hours after Sunday’s games, players from both the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons are still talking trash about their respective quarterback injuries. Funny thing is, the quarterbacks aren’t the ones doing the trash talking.

Lions Quarterback, Matthew Stafford, went down in a loss to the Falcons while grabbing at his knee. Soon after, the problem had extended to his ankle. And while Coach Schwartz said that his QB had gone home in a boot brace on Sunday, the prognosis is good for next week. On the other side of the ball, Falcons Quarterback, Matt Ryan, suffered an ankle injury when his offensive lineman, Will Svitek, was pushed back onto his foot by the defensive line of the Lions. Both quarterbacks went down, but Ryan came back for a game-winning drive that stunned everyone in Detroit. And so began the war of words.

A Falcons receiver accused members of the Lions’ offensive line of taunting Ryan when he twisted that ankle. The offensive center for Atlanta even went so far as to say that one of them was ‘kicking at Ryan’s feet while he writhed on the ground in pain, calling for the Falcons to get the cart.’ Ndamukong Suh, who was among the men directly accused of such unsportsmanlike conduct, did not immediately deny these claims, but instead chose to defend his professional role as a predator of the quarterback.

“I have nothing to say. The man’s sitting on the ground. We’ve obviously continued to do our job, getting to him, causing havoc, his own quarterback takes him out. … I have no comment, no issues, no nothing — nothing to say to him. At that time, when he’s on the ground, there’s nothing that I have to say to him. We’ve done our job, we’ve been in his face, we’ve caused him to go down, we’ve caused his offensive lineman to hurt him.”

So if something was said on the field, only a few people really know. Again, it’s all he said, he said.

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