September 11: Patriot Day

Between New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C., the final count of lives lost was 2,823. When we imagine how many people would normally work in the World Trade Center on an average day–approximately 50,000–those already tragic numbers could have been significantly higher. Workers and First Responders searched through the wreckage at Ground Zero for 230 days, just under a year, looking for signs of human life. And in the end, the number of World Trade Center survivors rescued was zero. What we remember of that day and that year was the incredible bravery of so many men and women who worked tirelessly day after day without giving up a single ounce of hope.

Today, we remember the fallen of September 11 on what has proudly been called Patriot Day, a time for solemn recognition of all that was lost, all that was given, and all that we have yet to achieve as a nation. Since that fateful day, soldiers have fought courageously on the field of battle, families have rebuilt homes around the loves they cherish, and Americans have continually upheld their faith in the better angels of humanity, believing our people to be capable of more and more everyday.

We at the Brace Shop take this moment in history to acknowledge, with great respect, the sacrifice of all who gave and still give their lives on behalf of a grateful nation.

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