With Shaw and Manuel Down, Sooners Win

The field and the stands were silent when Florida State receiver, Kenny Shaw dropped a pass in the end zone and fell unconscious. Even the Oklahoma players took a knee to pray for their opponent. At least ten minutes passed before anyone saw movement from Shaw, causing some to wonder if his neck had been injured when his head came between the helmets of two colliding Sooners. But as he was being carted off the field, a thumb went up to fans and within an hour, doctors were walking him back to the field so that he could witness the end of the game, where his Seminoles fell to the #1 Sooners 23-13 on Saturday night.

Quarterback EJ Manuel had his own injury to overcome in the third quarter when a linebacker managed to plow the passer into the turf, leading to a bruised shoulder. Manuel tried to shake it off on multiple downs, only to demonstrate to his coaches and his fans that he was in utter agony. Backup quarterback Clint Trickett had his bright moments, but he lacked movement in the pocket, which cost the game.

Florida State fans will have to shake off the loss and admit, thankfully, that neither Manuel or Shaw were seriously injured for the long haul. Shaw, as it turns out, suffered a moment ‘lights out’ concussion and Manuel just needed to rest a bruise. Both young men should be back on the field next week when the Noles go up against Clemson. In the meantime, Oklahoma survived a week of smack-talking Florida State fans only to leave Tallahassee with yet another victory for the record books.

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